I’m Steve West, a New Zealander living in Dallas, Texas. Marian and I have been married for ten years, and we have a four year old son, Joshua. The three of us are die-hard Rangers fans (Josh can name most of the players by sight, and he always plays his favorite, Michael Young, when we play living room baseball). 2009 has seen Marian and me attending our 12th straight home openers, and Josh is 5 for 5 in his lifetime.

This site is for me to spout my words of wisdom about the Rangers, a bunch of statistical analysis of anything that grabs me, and sometimes even some other topics. I’m a software developer and a stats geek, so expect things to show up weighted in that direction.

You can email me at Texaskiwi98 (at) yahoo.com, or just comment on any article on the blog.


One Response to “About”

  1. MLB Gamedata application Says:


    Hey… I found your work through a blog posting that was detailing uses for MLB Gamedata XML.

    Just wanted to throw this link your way, see what you thought. It also uses the XML gamedata. Tell me what you think:



    Chris Falvey

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