Frenchy? JD is waving the white flag

C’mon, really?

I mean, Jeff Francoeur, really?  Really?

Okay, right now Jon Daniels’ GM reputation is based on getting Josh Hamilton and the Tex trade.  If you look at those, I’ll admit it, he looks pretty good.  But the negative side of the ledger is looking worse and worse.

Just take this year.  Gets Cliff Lee, great!  Doesn’t even do too bad in the trade.  Sure, Cliff has stumbled of late, and he’s not going to be back, but still, he’s going to get back to form in time to win in the playoffs (as the Rangers go down 3-1 to the Yankees in the first round).

But look at what else he’s done.  Cantu, he’s been dreck, although you’d have to say his track record suggested he should be better (not much, but better) than what he has been.  Molina was a bad deal all around (did I ever mention the Giants blog I read, that the very day he was traded, that morning they had said the Giants needed to get rid of him as soon as possible, because he is worthless?).  Cristian Guzman was a stupid panic deal, made worse by the fact they had to hide him on the DL so he couldn’t hurt the team any worse.  Alex Cora?  Roster filler.

And Francoeur.  This is probably the worst of them all.  I point you to this post, where the operative quote is down in the comments: “He could help a team as the short side of a corner outfield platoon.  Anyone who trades for him and gives him any more of a role than this will immediately earn consideration as the worst GM in the game, and will deserve to be immediately fired.”  So who wants to bet that Ron Washington runs him out there every day?

Or how about this,where the quote is “a pitch that might hit Jeff Francoeur’s knee, and he’s as likely to swing at it as a pitch right down the pipe to Gardner.”  Hey, at least Vlad will have company.

Or you could just look at this and cry a little.

Sorry, but as bad as that loss was (a walk-off wild pitch, after a bad Cliff Lee outing), the news the Rangers had acquired Frenchy is much more upsetting to me.  Even for Arias, where clearly it was a case of two teams dumping their 25th man on each other.

Bah.  The more I think about it, the more I come up with to be mad about.  This guy has been a joke on the blogs for years.  Oh, sorry, bloggers, what do they know, these guys are real baseball professionals.

JD, as a GM you’re going to make a great minor league coordinator one day.  And Chuck Greenberg is talking about contract extensions for JD and Washington.  I guess going 30-30 over a couple of months is something worth celebrating around here.


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