I just saved you a bunch of money…

…by switching away from the Yankees.

Or at least that’s what we’re supposed to believe.  Yet another twist in the saga of the poor little rich boy took another turn today.  The Rangers save $20 million, but please don’t spend it all on the first free agent you talk to.  More interestingly, there’s an embargo on news during the World Series, so everyone can concentrate on that, but I guess it doesn’t apply to agents.  Still, A-Rod will certainly be sharing front page news with the Red Sox.  How much will that annoy them, enough that they won’t try to sign him (as the commentators speculated they would)?  He sure has a small market though.  Dodgers, Angels, Red Sox, Cubs, Mets, Braves?  And by that I just mean teams that might be able to afford him, not teams that may have a need.  My guess is that Boras has had a quiet word with the Angels and Dodgers (he’s from out there) and they’ve indicated interest.  Not that that would be legal, of course, but you know, A-Rod (and Boras) has never cared about being nice to people, unless they’re signing their checks, that is.

Congrats to the Red Sox, I guess.  Yet another anti-climax in the World Series.

Tim McCarver is an ass, but you already know that.  Time and again he was insisting something, only to have the replays that were showing right in front of his face prove him wrong.  I’m watching Manny tagged out at home, seeing three or four replays showing him being tagged on his side before his hand hit the plate, and McCarver’s still saying the umpire blew it, that he must have thought Manny missed the plate.  How does he keep his job, he’s got to be the worst broadcaster in baseball.

So the off-season begins, and I guess our hopes for next year can begin now too.  A whole lot of water will pass under the bridge before the next World Series Champion is crowned.  Let’s hope the Rangers are riding in a boat, instead of treading water like they were for most of this season.


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