World Series – Rangers fans say “huh?”

I was two for four picking the division series winners, and oh for two in the last round.  But to be fair, the Indians had it in their grasp and threw it away, and the Rockies, well, let’s just say someone’s wearing some pretty stinky lucky underwear right now.

In my championship series picks, I said whoever won the ALCS would win the World Series.  I stand by that, especially after the Red Sox won game one convincingly tonight.  It’s just time for the Rockies to run out of gas (although I said that in both previous rounds, too).  I could actually see a Sox sweep happening.  Not that I want to, it just seems possible.

Oh yeah, note to Rangers management:  if you ever get to a World Series, please handle ticketing better than the Rockies did.  Out of curiosity I went to Ebay last night, and sure enough there were a thousand different offers for Series tickets.  That’s just a joke.  The rumor I read was that people in England and India were buying tickets online, just to re-sell them.  Please do it better, and don’t try and blame hackers for your computer problems, either.

You see, when the Rangers do get there, I’d like tickets.  And I don’t want to pay a grand for them, either.  It was bad enough paying $35 for $5 seats to Opening Day this year.  Which reminds me: scalpers, you are the scum of the universe.  And that includes StubHub and the like.  If someone can buy a ticket from the Rockies for $60, then sell it on Ebay for $1000, maybe they should raise the price.  Much as I hate MLB’s money-grubbing ways, I’d rather see them put tickets on sale for a few hundred dollars apiece, than have that money go to some scalper.  At least that way they might be able to afford a free agent.  And do something better to make sure the tickets gets into the fans’ hands, too.  Maybe only sell them at the ballpark?  Or do some sort of ticket purchase lottery?  For example, season ticket holders get first shot, but for the tickets that remain after MLB has taken their cut (which in itself is ridiculous), maybe a lottery based on the number of regular season games you attended?  I know the Rangers know exactly how many tickets I bought – because they send me email after every game I attend.  You know, dance with the fans that brung you.

Okay, rant over.  Enjoy the Series, and Rangers fans, dream of a not too distant day…


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