New Rangers pitching coach!

Well, one can dream. Since Mark Connor has failed so miserably time after time, he needs to go. And since Leo Mazzone is arguably one of the best pitching coaches of the last 20 years, if not ever, and since he’s now free to go wherever he wants, the Rangers should snap him up as soon as possible.

Yes, that’s right, the Orioles took yet another step in their recent disaster history by firing Mazzone.  Not unexpected, as his friend and former manager Sam Perlozzo was fired earlier in the year, and as the Orioles have no clue how to run a major league team.

Here’s the quote from his business manager, which I guess is a fancy term for agent:  “But he’s not opposed to doing what he did in Atlanta, taking a team from last to first.”  Have at it, Leo!  You could be a hero to millions of North Texans, if you could do something, anything, with this pitching staff.  There’s no bigger challenge than somehow working out how to get the Rangers to pitch, and you could work with an entire minor league system full of prospects.  Better yet, if you fail, oh well, no-one ever managed to do anything with Rangers pitchers, but if you succeed, well, you might as well write a ticket to the Hall of Fame as a certified genius.

Unfortunately, the Rangers ownership is just about as bad as the Orioles.  Which means they’ll sign onto your rebuilding plan, and in a couple of years fire you, too, just because they don’t get immediate responses to their needs.  So maybe you should stay away after all.  Bad news for Rangers fans.

Sorry to get everyone’s hopes up.  The Rangers will stick with the safe choice, the guy they already have, and steam full speed ahead, back once again in 75 win mediocrity.

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