Playoff Picks, round 2

I’m pleased to report that my experiment with randomness worked perfectly in the Division Series’.  Choosing largely at random (well, not really, but let’s pretend for the purposes of this article) I got two out of four picks right.  My specious reasoning worked for the two series that I picked someone because I didn’t like the other team (Indians over Yankees and D’Backs over Cubs) and didn’t work when I actually thought something out.  If you looked back at that pick article, you’d see the two I got right have a single line explaining why, and the two I got wrong have long reasoning.

I was surprised that the Angels laid down and died like they did.  There’s an old theory that a team that wins their league early then struggles in the playoffs, because they’ve gotten out of the fighting mentality.  That would be true for the Angels, I don’t know if they were the first team to clinch a playoff spot but they were certainly easy winners of the AL West, in fact I think for about the last two months they were cruising.  Most everyone else fought close to the end, yes even the Red Sox, who held off a surging Yankees team.  The Yankees of course suck, which is why they last.  Another “har-har” for A-Rod, and this time not even Mr Clutch Derek Jeter could keep them alive, as his clutchiness turned out to be clutching at straws.  I hope A-Rod chooses free agency, just so the Rangers get $20 million back they wouldn’t have to pay him.

So, let’s pick again:

Indians and Red Sox:  Indians, I think.  Because the Indians had to fight (a little) to beat the Yankees, while the Red Sox strolled over the Angels, so using the previously described mentality, it’s the Indians turn.  Especially if they get those bugs going again.

Diamondbacks and Rockies:  Not sure I care that much.  It’s a nice local rivalry between two recent expansion teams, just serving to highlight that the Rangers have sucked for a lot longer than these guys.  I really can’t pick that much between them, except the Rockies have the long winning streak going.  I can’t see them maintaining it all the way through the playoffs though.  I’ll pick the Diamondbacks.

Whoever wins the AL battle will win the World Series.  That much I guarantee.

Disclaimer:  Although writing this after the first NLCS game, I made my picks earlier today.  And I’m not changing them just because the Rockies won the first game.

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