Thank you Mr Bedard, may we have another?

We’re not likely to have another string of strikeouts tomorrow, just on the law of averages.  We are likely against Cabrera, who could ring up half a dozen, but since we’re playing twice tomorrow we could end up with another twenty, the way we’re swinging.

Bedard against the Rangers this year:  16 innings, 7 hits, 2 runs, 0 walks, 26 strikeouts.  He was terrible today though, his Game Score was only 70, he had a 98 last time.  Maybe next time he’ll continue the trend and post a 42?  He’ll still beat Padilla though, because Padilla had a 25 today.  That just about sums it up, Bedard was almost three times Padilla’s score.

Be fair, Santana and Bedard are two of the top pitchers in the league.  The Rangers are one of the worst hitting teams, and on pace for record strikeout numbers.  That makes for a lethal mix.  And when you’re playing like a team just waiting for October 1 to roll around (and not for any of the good reasons), you’re going to flail the bats a little, and end up setting some records.  Top of that list will be Most Humiliated For Being A Rangers Fan, and there’s a lot of contenders for that (of course, there’s a lot fewer since the Cowboys went into training camp).

Padilla got back to where I expected him to be, 92 pitches through five innings and that Game Score of 25.  Is there any reasonable hope for the Rangers with him in the rotation?  Or do we just consider him filler for the next two years, until our next shot at winning comes in 2010?  It’s really at the point where you want to skip the first inning, just give the other side two or three runs and be done with it.  Much more painful to actually have to go through it.

Aki says that he ignored two doctors’ advice to not throw at all, and threw on the side to try and get back.  Now he’s going to get a third opinion, and do we believe him when he says if this doctor tells him not to throw he won’t?  It’s been a comedy of errors from the front office in this situation, trying to keep him off the DL so he could be traded, then giving in to the inevitable and DLing him, saying he’ll be back quickly, then allowing him to throw against medical advice.  He’s doctor shopping, trying to get one of them to agree with him that he should throw.  All he’s doing is hurting himself, because he fairly obviously should be trying to get ready for spring training, not for a couple of innings in late September.

It’s the time of year when if you’re a Rangers fan your mind drifts to other places.  And that’s sad, because tomorrow, as the saying goes, it’s a great day for baseball, let’s play two!


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