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The countdown is getting closer and closer. Lofton’s going to the Indians, and Tex is going to the Angels or Braves. Apparently. I don’t want Tex with the Angels, simply because they’re division rivals, but since he’ll only be there a year and a half before going free agent, and since we’re not likely to be competitive by then, I guess it’s okay. It all comes down to who offers the most. The Braves seem to have more pitching prospects, but on the other hand there’s this ongoing thoughtline that says any pitcher looks great in the Braves organization, but sucks once they leave. I think it’s been proven to be hooey now and again, but still. Hey, like I said, best prospects wins.

Wouldn’t it be funny if JD went to Tex tomorrow morning and offered him a five year contract extension, and he said okay? Talk about deflating a balloon! Now, what are the odds of that happening? Slim to none. I wonder if they even went anywhere near starting negotiations, you know, anything more than “are you interested?”. Will we ever know? Maybe when Tex leaves, he’ll say something about them never offering him a contract to sign.

The local media are lazy. My guess is they all read Jamey’s report, then today they all went with his “last home game for some of these players” angle. Really, the mainstream media are just a bunch of sheep, all thinking the same, all writing the same. Is it any wonder that newspapers are dying, that broadcast networks are losing viewers in droves, that blogs and online media are becoming the news outlets of choice for most people? Why pick up a bland mass media report, when you can a) read it online sooner, and b) view and participate in the discussion?

Today the Rangers site says that Jason Botts is just waiting for the callup. We are too, Jason, we are too.

A week ago the Rangers site had an article about Erik Hurley, in which they said: “He watches every game with pitching coach Andy Hawkins, discussing strategies of how to pitch in various situations and how to approach the game differently.  It’s nothing new for Hurley, who did the same thing with Double-A pitching coach Terry Clark.  “He’s not taking a day off chewing sunflower seeds and shooting the breeze with these guys, he’s working,” Hawkins said. “It’s kind of like classwork. He’s thinking about the game, even if he’s not in it.”  Now, contrast that to Michael Main, one of the Rangers top picks in the draft this year.  He’s pitched a little, but he’s been hitting a lot.  He’s only pitched 3.2 innings in two starts, although I can’t say much about that, because they could very easily be keeping him down just to get him going a little.  But hitting, he’s been in eight games and had 30 AB.  Ask yourself this, why is he hitting at all?  He’s a pitcher, not a hitter, whether he likes to hit or not.  But compare to Hurley, you can be pretty sure Main is not sitting next to the pitching coach when he’s not pitching, learning how to pitch.  That’s because he’s getting ready to hit!  I’ve talked about this before, and it annoys me.  I don’t care if the kid said he wants to keep hitting.  You’re the adult, you’re the manager, or the GM, you’ve got to say no, sit down and learn.  It will be very ironic if he makes the big leagues as a hitter, because we don’t need our first round pitchers to hit.

Okay, that’s it for today.  It’s yet another calm before the storm time, when you’re just waiting for something to happen.  And we don’t even have a ballgame to distract us this weekend, because we’re going to arguably the worst team in baseball over the last decade (expansion teams excluded).  I never like playing in KC, it just seems like a horrible place to be.  Never been there, of course.  But that’s what the mainstream media tells me.

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