Wearing my Ranger Red colored glasses

Nice job all afternoon and evening, winning both ends of a double header. Rheinecker looked pretty good, in the early game. I’m guessing he’ll stick around for a little while, since he took Tejeda’s place in the rotation, and maybe he can get some good stuff going. The Rangers don’t need a fifth starter for a while though, so he might get an opportunity out of the bullpen until his spot comes up again. He’s previously been a AAAA type player, putting in good stuff in AAA but never breaking out in the bigs, but he’s been doing very well in OKC this year, and maybe he’s getting ready to lift off. One thing bothered me though, yesterday on the Rangers website he said “It could make or break me,” Rheinecker said. “There are some other teams looking for pitching, too, and the deadline is coming up.” The implication being that he wants to go somewhere else, where they’ll actually let him pitch (although there are not too many contenders who will want to trade for an unproven AAA pitcher). This is one of my bugaboos about the Rangers, in recent times they’ve got some younger players ready to step up, but they’re not giving them the opportunity to do so (do I hear a Jason Botts?). Especially in a dead year like this, you’ve got to get guys a chance to do it, and see what happens. The Tigers did it a few years ago, and ended up losing 120 games, but look at them now. Once again the Rangers are battling to get to .500, which is a worthless pursuit, stuck in the dead land between being able to clear out the dead wood and being able to challenge.

Loe looked back to his old self tonight, or rather back to his new self. He is an example of trying a guy for a long enough period that things will suddenly click, and they’ll become effective in the majors. He has had a couple of bad games since the All-Star break, but things were working for him tonight, although he did end up throwing a lot of pitches, I can’t remember anyone else throwing 117 in a game for the Rangers this year. He was absolutely robbed by the umpire though, who said it was a dropped foul tip when it wasn’t touched by the bat (in my opinion it was clear, but the tv guys weren’t so sure, although given the batter’s reaction, you’d have to say the ump got it wrong), then giving up a two run hit on the next pitch. I’m sure he was affected by the call. Actually, as it was happening I was so mad that I was thinking that a) if I’d been him I’d have thrown my glove at the umpire, guaranteeing an ejection and suspension (he did slam his glove against the dugout wall when the inning was over), and b) that it was going to cause something bad to happen to him. Which explains a) why I’m not a major league pitcher, and b) that I can see into the future. No, just kidding. There’s probably some other reason why I’m not in the majors.

Travis Metcalf should enjoy that, the best game of his career so far. He’s probably heading back to the minors, AAA I guess, when Blalock comes off the DL, although the way Hank says he is rehabbing that might be later rather than sooner. As in, he was originally due back around the beginning of August, but now it might be the beginning of September.

ESPN says the Rangers are almost certain to trade Tex this week, that their demands have dropped and several teams are interested. I want one high level starter prospect, a Clay Buchholz or Phil Hughes will do just nicely, along with probably one or two other lower level prospects. The deadline is a week from tonight, although I wouldn’t be surprised to see them take it all the way to the line as they try and get teams to bounce off each other.

Loved the fans waving their arms, doing the Byrd, as Marlon was batting. That’s going to be so funny sometime soon, when he’s up in the 9th with the game on the line, adrenaline pumping, and 40,000 fans flapping. Okay, 25,000, at least this year.

Check out the Hall of Fame exhibit on uniforms. Here’s the link to the Rangers page, which is pretty interesting.  What’s most noticeable is the Ranger Red uniforms, which they only wore from 1994-2000.  The rest of the time they’ve been wearing the blue.  I, personally, am very partial to the red, the Rangers hat I wear is a red one and I much prefer their colors.  Note that the division winning teams, 96, 98 and 99, all wore the red unis, but the team has been poor any time they’ve worn the blue.  Isn’t it time we got Hicks to change back?  I have vague recall of his reasons for changing back to blue, I think he mentioned history (but not the extra sales of a new uniform), but red is what wins for the Rangers.  Anyone know of a campaign to get the red uniforms back, or want to get one going?

One of the fun things about using WordPress is the stats it gives you. In particular, every day I can see what people searched on to get here, which helps to know what they’re looking for and how the search engines view this blog. However, sometimes the mind just boggles. Today was one of those, because someone got here by searching on the term “human butt tricks”. There are so many things wrong on so many levels about that, but what is most worrying is why Google would send them to read my stuff…


One Response to “Wearing my Ranger Red colored glasses”

  1. Mike Says:

    I am right there with you on the Red Uniforms. As I went to those two playoff games in 1996 I thought for sure now that we have some playoff history in a uniform and we would always be red. I still wear my Red Ranger hat partly in protest to the blue and partly in protest to Hicks wanting to take my money and then tell me about how much money he needs me to spend for him to sign better players.

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