A rough ride

I don’t have much to say about the Rangers today. I didn’t see the game, I didn’t see the highlights, I only heard the score on the radio, and anything I got about the game is from the story on ESPN or the Rangers website. Millwood seemingly pitched okay, except for one inning (haven’t we heard that before this year?), and that was all that Oakland needed to move 3 1/2 games in front of the Rangers. There’s still plenty of time left to catch them though. Report is that the umpire blew a call at second that caused the second inning to happen, once again I plead for instant replay.

Sosa has an article on the Rangers website today. Amazing how much his English has improved since that Senate hearing, isn’t it? Of course, it’s possible he was fluent writing but not speaking. Yeah, right. More likely he took every single sentence out of the sports cliche book.

Aki will be examined by a doctor on Thursday to decide if he should go on the DL, with Ron Washington saying that would be the prudent move. No, as I said recently, the prudent move would have been to DL him any time since he last pitched, on July 1. That’s 17 days, even if you’d done it a week ago he’d be eligible to come off now, since it gets backdated. Now, to put him on the DL, is pretty much a waste of time, since he’ll be able to come back any time. This is a big black eye for the front office, it’s like they don’t know the rules or they’re trying to pull a fast one. I can hear JD talking to the other GMs: “No, he hasn’t pitched for two weeks, but he’s not on the DL. He’s just tired, is all.” The good news is he’ll still be here next year, because no-one is going to want to trade for him now.

Jason Botts went on the DL after fracturing a fingertip. The irony. Aki gets to hang around forever, but Botts gets logjammed by Sosa and then gets hurt when it’s time to bring him up. Probably wouldn’t have happened if he’d been in the big leagues all year, would it, JD?

Jerry Hairston has played everywhere but pitcher, catcher and first this season. From the Rangers site: “Hairston hasn’t pitched since his childhood days but has dreams of playing all nine positions in a game. “I would love to,” Hairston said. “Not like to. Love to.” I’d love it too. Maybe then we could find a position he would be useful at. If not useful, at least less than useless.

We went to the Roughriders tonight. A suite down the first base line. It was nice, the food wasn’t up to much, standard ballpark fare with not a wide selection, but at least it was free. Josh had a pretty good time. He saw Deuce, the mascot, from a distance as we walked in, and I promised we’d go see him during the game. Well, we ended up in the suite watching Deuce doing all his antics, and at one point Josh was up on the ledge of the suite, talking to Deuce (50 yards away), pointing at his chest and saying “See, you’re on my shirt”. It was very cute. Deuce finally got down below us, and we ran downstairs with Josh, went up to Deuce, and he was too afraid to talk to him. Typical kid, huh? I talked to him after and he kept saying “No, I didn’t give him a hug, or a high five”. Well, come another inning, and Deuce comes into the suite, and scares the pants off Josh! He was very afraid this time, didn’t want to go near him. I had to hold onto him to get a photo with Deuce, and I’m sure he’ll have a terrified face in the picture. Of course, later in the gift shop, he wanted the Deuce shirt, and he wanted the $170 stuffed Deuce doll (he didn’t get that, even though Daddy got the $100 black Roughrider shirt).

You’re probably wondering about the game itself, and quite honestly, I barely paid attention. Saw Mayberry bat a couple of times, including one hard hit single to the gap in left, and German Duran one time, but that was about it. It was a relatively boring game (not boring because it was a pitcher’s duel, because I enjoy those, but I just never got into the game), 1-1 after 7 when we left the suite, and by the time we left the gift shop the Riders were down 4-1. I don’t know what the final score was (update: it was 4-1, here’s the boxscore, apparently we should have watched because there were two good pitchers going against each other). This was definitely a “see the ballpark and have fun with Josh” day, rather than see the players. I have to admit I don’t follow the minors like I used to. Used to be I would hang on Jamey’s every word, seeing stars at all levels of the organization. Nowadays, I keep wanting to go back and look at his old books, and see just how those stars of yesterday are doing. How many of the top 10 Rangers prospects in Jamey’s 2000 list ever made it anywhere? Another project for the list of things to do.

Oh, one other cool thing, one of the Riders guys who was checking up on the suites came and talked to Josh for a couple of minutes, then said he’d be back, and came back and gave him a ball. It was one of those photo balls, with Danks on one side and Diamond on the other. I, of course, being the cynic, immediately noticed the value of it with Danks gone and Diamond out for the year, but Josh loves it and doesn’t care who’s on it. So, I forget your name (Marian will tell me tomorrow), but kudos to you for making a little kid’s day, and kudos to the Roughriders for allowing you to.


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