Rangers pitching does it again

Hey, maybe Jon Daniels was right after all.  Those punks Chris Young and Coco Cordero ended the All-Star game with a combined 13.50 ERA, got the loss, and gave up a couple of home runs.  Much better to have them playing for someone else, we wouldn’t want the taint of that performance to reach out to Arlington.  After all, we’re the team of heroes, of Blalock and Young winning All-Star MVP honors.  Nah, we have no use for those two guys.  Or, for that matter, for Carlos Lee, Soriano, and Pudge, the other ex-Rangers in the game.  And there’s no use for Michael Young, how soon they forget.

No, I didn’t really watch the game, like I said the other day, it was on but I was doing other stuff.  I ended up watching the last batter, and occasional bits from throughout, but nothing too detailed.  In fact I didn’t even look to see if Gameday was covering the game.  Okay, it looks like they were, but nothing detailed.  You’d think they’d get the Enhanced Gameday system running in the ballpark hosting the All-Star game, wouldn’t you?

At least we know the Rangers will have home field advantage in the World Series.

La Russa is a jerk.  Leaving Pujols on the bench while some useless hitter ends the game is a terrible decision.  I’m guessing he did it to make sure that Pujols didn’t risk injury which would threaten his own team.  He’ll make different excuses of course.

Time for World Series picks, now we’re starting the second half.  I’ll go ahead and pick the Red Sox to win the World Series.  Hey, they went a thousand years without anything but whining, they may as well get another one in before they start moaning again.  In the NL, well, who really cares?  Oh, okay then, how about San Diego, just so Chris Young and Adrian Gonzalez can rub it in JD’s face again.

I have made some good progress on some analysis I said was upcoming.  I hope to present something as soon as tomorrow, but no promises.  I might be like the ballplayers and not bother doing anything at all until Friday.


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