You call that a strike?

Two hits is a little worse than I expected we’d get tonight, but a lot better than it should have been. We would have been deserving if we’d suffered the second no-hitter of the season.  Bedard had it all going on, and unfortunately McCarthy got stuck with the loss after pitching pretty decently himself.  I wouldn’t say McCarthy was good, but he wasn’t bad, it was just a kind of middling game for him, a little above average.  But he gets burned by the other guy’s performance.  And a day after congratulating an umpire for his admitting to an error, I have to complain because Tim Welke had a pretty wide definition of the strike zone today.  The last out in particular, Gameday had it at 1.295 feet off the center of the plate, which would put it about 15.5 inches away, when half the plate would be 8.5 inches.  A called strike, 7 inches off the plate.  Hmmm.  That was just one of four called strikes for Bedard that were over a foot off the center of the plate, according to Gameday.  But again, to be fair, the Rangers were swinging at pretty much everything, with Bedard only throwing 30 balls in his 109 pitches.  Of course, that’s one of those chicken and egg things, where once you realize the umpire has a strike zone as wide as the Grand Canyon, you’ve got to start swinging to protect yourself.

Tejeda was sent to the minors so the Rangers could get some bullpen help for the next few days, knowing that his next start won’t be for another two weeks.  Actually the original speculation was that he’d go down and make a start in the minors, but apparently he will stay with the big club and instead pitch a couple of simulated games in front of Mark Connor and Dom Chiti.  Ahhh, good, now we can be relieved, Mark Connor is on the case and will solve all Tejeda’s woes.  Maybe they should send him out for real, so he can get the Loe magic he so desperately needs.

Jayson Stark awards his Cy Yuk (worst pitcher) for the first half of the season to…. Vicente Padilla, just beating out Millwood. No surprises there. Actually, I’m surprised the rest of the rotation didn’t get honorable mentions too. And keep reading for the strange but true parts of the season so far.

Last game of the first half tomorrow, with Millwood up against Daniel Cabrera being a matchup of two pretty bad pitchers so far this year.  It’s a 2 o’clock game, so expect it either to be over quickly because everyone is exhausted in the heat, or over slowly because everyone is exhausted in the heat.  And then we get a few days off to recharge, ready to make that big push over the second half to get back in contention.  Did I mention that the Rangers are now on a pace for 69-93, which is much improved from a couple of months ago when I said they were certain to lose 100 this year.  Sad thing is they’re now tied for fourth-worst record, and I see that first overall draft pick slipping away…


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