Young man, you’re an All-Star again

Michael Young is the Rangers’ only All-Star, and that’s probably a good thing.  Yes, Tex would have been it if he was healthy.  Yes, Sosa got to 600 and is among the leaders in RBI (which just points to opportunities).  Yes, Aki and Gagne have been largely lights-out.  But since Young is the face of the team, he gets the nod.  He’s also put a slow start behind him to get close to .300.  No-one would seriously have wanted Sosa to be the Rangers’ rep, would they?  And Aki and Gagne haven’t pitched that much, and there are also relievers on teams that deserve All-Stars.  If the Rangers got more than one All-Star, wouldn’t you be asking questions if you were any other team?  After all, if A-Rod can’t be an MVP because the team finished last, they can’t be having multiple All-Stars either.

Interesting to note that Coco gets in, that Carlos Lee gets in, and that Chris Young gets to be in the fan run-off.  Vote for him, just to show Jon Daniels what you think.  Very happy to note that Pudge gets in again, yet another brilliant decision by the Rangers brain-trust those several years ago.

The Rangers ended June 14-12, after going 9-20 in May and 11-15 in April.  Yes, the schedule played it’s part, but frankly I have been surprised by them these last few days.  Maybe the mental game is more than you think.  A week ago I said they would go about 3-8 in the next three series, against Detroit, Boston and Anaheim.  They’re already 4-2 with one rainout, so even if they lost the rest they would be ahead of my prediction.  I could certainly see them splitting these last four to make it six out of ten.  I guess I should stop making predictions, huh?

Whatever Kam Loe did while he was down, he has to share it with everybody else.

Today by the way marks the halfway point in the Rangers schedule.  I’m trying to get a little analysis done to project a full season, and compare it to years past.  I noted a few days ago where the Rangers were in runs scored and conceded, now I want to take a look by position and see what has been hurting us most.  The loss of Pudge appears to be the main factor, since he was far and away above an average catcher.  Would he have done the same in a Rangers uniform?  We’ll never know, but as I pointed out above, all we can do is speculate about the bonehead move that ownership made to let him go.

If the Angels go .500 the rest of the way (they’re at .622 right now), they will have 91 wins.  To tie them, the Rangers would have to go 57-24, or .704.  They’ve gone 8-3, or .727, in their last eleven games, so they’d virtually have to keep that up for the rest of the year and hope that Anaheim fall apart.  Detroit currently holds the wildcard, but still 13.5 games ahead of the Rangers (with seven other teams in between).  I still say that the playoffs are probably unlikely for the Rangers this year.

Rangers’ manager fired!  Oh, just Jerry Narron, from the Reds.  Can you believe it was 2002 when he was fired from the Rangers?

Brandon McCarthy tomorrow.  He spent a rehab start in AAA, maybe the Loe minor league magic can work on him too?  Of course, he’s been pitching pretty well for the last month or so, he just needs to avoid getting blisters.


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