Wash out

Hah hah, you thought I was breaking the news that Ron Washington was gone, didn’t you?  Nope, merely pointing out that the Rangers were rained out today in Detroit.  The irony being that they’ve played twelve games at home this month, and none of them were washed out, despite being on the verge of becoming the wettest June in recorded history in North Texas.  I vaguely recall there might have been a rain delay, but I’m not going to trawl through the boxscores to see.  With 9 inches this morning, just 2 inches away from the record, we got rain all day long, some light, some heavy.  Predicted rain is at least a couple of inches through the weekend, which would break the record.  Am I right about the Rangers, have they just been really lucky so far?  It’s kind of like when my sister visited in May, the week she was here was fine and sunny, but the weeks either side were both cold and wet.  Maybe the schedule gods made a deal with the weather gods.

With the rainout, the Rangers win the series against Detroit with one game to go tomorrow.  By my count the Rangers have now won 10 and lost 14 series this year.  Before I started counting I would have expected that to be a much different number, more like 5-20 or something like that.   No, I’m not going to go back and compare to years past, but the illusion would probably be the same, that of having lost many more than they’ve won.  Of course, last year they were about .500, so you’d expect them to win about half the series.  This year, being so far down, you’d expect worse than 10-14.  The difference is, they’re 1-5 in sweeps, which can help drop a few extra games, while looking more innocuous in the overall count.

Not much to report today, really.  Rumor is that Brandon McCarthy now will not pitch Friday in Frisco, that he’ll go Monday in Boston instead, if Willie Eyre is not available after being hit on the hand.  As Jon Daniels said, if you’re having him throw 80 pitches, they may as well be against Boston as some AA team, it’s going to have the same effect on his blister.  I tend to agree, better to throw in the majors than the minors, but also disagree, because I think he’s likely to throw a little harder and riskier against the Red Sox than some warmup squad.

Hey, I was watching the game last night and saw some enormous dude in the Rangers dugout, with Wright written on the back of his jersey.  Who was that?  Surely it wasn’t Jamey Wright, this guy was twice the size of any of the other players.   Wright’s listed at 205, and I don’t remember thinking he was that big when he was pitching.  Is he?  Is it someone else?  Is it my imagination?  If he’s 205 then I’m 150.  And I haven’t seen 150 since high school.

And that’s about it for tonight.  It’s late and I’ve got to get up early in the morning.  Suggestions for blogs that I’ve read have said you ought to have something on standby just in case it is a dry day like today (writing-wise, not weather-wise), but I tend to dump everything out as I think it.  The stats I work on take some time to do, so I can’t really put them on the shelf waiting for a day like today, especially since in many cases they’re outdated if I wait just a few days.  I’ve been thinking of doing a book review of a baseball book I just finished, but again, once I write it I’ll post it.  Who knows, maybe I’ll get round to writing up some stuff one day, and saving it up for a rainy day.  Just not this rainy day.


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