A win is a win, I guess, despite knowing nothing about it until after it was over. Once again, Padilla staked to a big lead and blows it, this time rescued in the bottom of the ninth.  Reports are now appearing that he has been pitching in pain for a while, which is the cause of all his problems.  If that’s the case, they should be looking at what it will take to get him healthy for next year, and that should include the possibility of surgery or shutting him down for a while.  No point making it worse this year, with nothing to play for.

The Rangers have now won five out of seven, although still no more than two in a row. Of course, those five have come against Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and the Cubs, not exactly Murderers Row. Can we ask if we can switch over to the NL?

This story will tell you that the Rangers are not the worst team in baseball, that they have simply badly underperformed, and should get better and pass a few other teams by the end of the year.  I don’t want them to now, I want that number one pick in the draft.  In particular it says that some of the pitchers must turn it around a little.  Regression to the mean agrees, they can’t be this bad forever, even just dumb luck would make them better.

Gagne said he’d like to stay in Texas awhile, but understands the business aspect.  If he likes it here, do you think he’d agree to be traded with an understanding we’d bring him back next year?  Would he live up to that?  Would we?  Would it even be legal?

Reports say that several teams are zeroing in on both Gagne and Aki, either separately or (in the case of the Tigers) together.  It’s time to extract maximum value for them, each one needs to bring a near major league ready starter.  I don’t care about this year, or even next year necessarily.  I want a guy who can be good in 2010, and I want him to be a potential number one starter.  It’s about time we had one of those around here, I don’t remember the last time we did, if ever.  Something else to look into.

Congrats to Rusty Greer, who will be the only inductee into the Rangers Hall of Fame this year.  He totally deserves it.  We had season tickets in section 5 for a couple of years behind Rusty, literally staring directly at his back.  He wore a small patch in the grass because of where he stood in the outfield.  He is to this day the only player I have ever written to, I sent him good wishes when he was injured along with a baseball card which he signed and returned, and I gave my wife for her birthday.  Thank you, Rusty, not just for that but for everything you ever did on the field.

Has anyone ever questioned A-Rod and steroids?  I mean, here’s a guy who is poised to be the youngest to 500, having already done it to 400 and 300 and a whole bunch besides.  He’s played on the Rangers with a bunch of guys who’ve gotten tarred with the steroid brush, and on the Yankees with them too.  Come on, if the guy can cheat on his wife, why not take a few steroids too?  He’s not Mr Squeaky Clean, he’s a dirty rat both on the field and off it.

Here’s a question that’s so obvious that no-one would ask it:  can you tell what type of pitch a pitcher is throwing based on how he throws it?  Marian asked that the other day, after reading my recent posts on release points and what the Rangers starters are throwing.  I responded with an of course not, if anyone did that other teams would notice how they were throwing and pretty soon they’d be knocked all over the place.  Well guess what?  I’m not as smart as I think.  A little bit of graphing presents a few new  charts, and you will be surprised at the results, some of them are about as counter-intuitive as they can get.  But it might help to explain a few things about this year’s rotation results.  Keep an eye out for it, I should post it sometime this weekend.

In the meantime, the Astros come to town for the last interleague games of the year.  We have a 2-1 lead in the fight for the Silver Boot, may as well pick up some silverware this year, right?

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