Insert your own pun about Wright being Wrong

So Jamey Wright proved he does belong in the Rangers rotation, giving up three home runs on the way to the loss, only managing to go five innings, and giving up the obligatory couple of runs in the first inning. Watch out guys, we have a new contender for worst pitcher in the league. Now, to be fair, it was Ken Griffey Jr hitting two of the home runs, and what on earth is he doing swinging at a ball in the dirt, let alone jacking it out? But as Jerry Narron said afterwards, he could have had four today. Given Sosa’s month without a home run, what are the odds that Griffey will get to 600 before him? After all, he’s only 19 behind now. Actually, I have this feeling that Sosa is going to do it against the Cubs. I also have the feeling he’s going to do it against the Astros, on the same day that Biggio gets his 3000th hit (but that too is a stretch, because Biggio needs 11 hits, and he has four games before coming to Arlington, so he will have to have 11 hits in their next 7 games if he’s going to do it here, and that assumes that he doesn’t get left out of the lineup so he can get 3000 at home).

Ever heard of Muhammad Ali, Pat Riley, John Unitas, Bear Bryant and Paul Hornung? Of course you have. Does it shock you that Brad Wilkerson is joining those guys in the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame? It does me. He must have been really good in high school, because he’s not getting in on his professional record. And I shouldn’t pick on him for his ability to play first, but there are a couple of plays in the last two games that Tex would have made but he didn’t. Actually he has played at first a few times in his career, 168 games according to Baseball Reference, so he should be somewhat used to it by now.  And Tex only has two inches on him, so it’s not really a height thing either.  Probably just lack of practice there, but that’s something that can be said about everyone on the Rangers this year.

I made good progress on my statistical research today, and I expect to complete it and post it tomorrow night.  You’ll love it, full of pretty graphs and such, all showing how the Rangers rotation sucks.  No, really, I can prove it.  Okay, so don’t believe me then, just wait till tomorrow.


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