We’re in the Pitts

No game yesterday, and I was working on some stuff for a statistical analysis of the rotation, but didn’t get it finished.  Maybe I will tonight, although it’s almost 1am already so don’t count on it.

We missed tonight’s game because we went to dinner with a friend.  Actually, we caught bits and pieces on the radio, but once the Rangers were down 3-0 in the first the script kind of wrote itself, once again:  starter gives up a bunch early, stumbles to about four or five innings before giving up, the Rangers stage a mini rally in the middle to late innings, but end up a little short at the end.  So it has gone so many times this year, and tonight was no exception.  Millwood gave up a homer to the first batter of the game, and everything was an uphill battle from there.  The Rangers hit into four double plays in the first five innings, which shows that they had some chances but killed themselves.  I had some momentary excitement late in the game, as we got out of the car at one point the Rangers were down 7-2, there were two on and Sammy coming up.  We get back in the car a while later and it’s 7-5, I immediately thought Sosa had hit #599, because I didn’t imagine the Rangers rallying for three runs elsewhere.  But sure enough they had, so he’s still on #598.  I wish he’d get it over with, it’s time to trade him.

Now everyone’s starting to ask what’s wrong with Millwood.  Even the Pirates were commenting on it, which doesn’t bode well.  Given that he’s got 3 1/2 years left on his contract, it better be something fixable, maybe by a pitching coach who knows what they’re doing?

Speaking of, Jamey Wright will start on Saturday.  In his last rehab start he gave up six runs in six innings, so he ought to fit into our rotation pretty well.  Question is, what the heck is he doing throwing 113 pitches in a rehab start?  And only getting through six innings?  Shouldn’t someone (maybe a pitching coach who knew what they were doing) be limiting him on those things?  He’s going to be worn out when he gets here.

I’m sorry to see that Matt Kata elected free agency after being waived.  Sure, he sucked while he was here, but he showed some passion and some flashes of goodness, and was used badly.  He deserves another chance, and given our current team, I’m disappointed that he won’t get it here.   Surely he’s as good as some of the people we have available?

All-Star voting totals keep being announced, and the Rangers keep struggling to get any votes.  Is it any wonder when no-one cares about the team?  It’s not like you have a Pudge anywhere, well-liked and respected everywhere, so gets into the All-Star team every season.  Michael Young doesn’t get any publicity, and Tex got off to a slow start and seemed to be hidden by the poor team overall.  I’m guessing Tex will be the guy, assuming he is still here and off the DL.  Otherwise it will be Young, who is probably the best on the team.  It’s funny, we always laugh at Kansas City for sending someone useless to the game, just because they have to have a representative.  Now it’s our turn.  Once again, what goes around comes around.

On a happier note, Justin Verlander threw a no-hitter against the Brewers tonight.  Yes, the same Brewers that got 22 hits against the Rangers on Sunday, I guess they used them all up.  I say happier, because in his last start Verlander shut out the Rangers on five hits in seven innings, so at least we managed five hits against him.  It could have been our second no-hitter of the season, unfortunately in the wrong direction.  I think I wondered once before if that had ever happened, but never looked it up.

They mentioned on the radio that Verlander was a second overall pick in the draft three years ago.  That’s a hopeful sign, because the Rangers are working on getting a first or second overall pick next year.  Let’s hope there’s a Verlander waiting for us to take him and get him in the rotation by 2010.


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