What comes around, goes around

When it comes down to it tonight, justice was served. In the 11th Gwynn was thrown out at home, but that was a bad call by the umpire, because replays showed him safe. So, to have them win in the 12th, although disappointing, was only fair. Especially after they knocked out 22 hits, and even after the Rangers had built an early lead then thrown it away. Let’s face it, Padilla did not look at all comfortable out there. Sure, he only gave up two runs, but 11 hits in 4 2/3 innings, and he was dodging bullets all night long, putting a couple of guys on every inning.

I guess Coco Cordero does have a thing about Arlington now. I really thought he had a little struggle before he left last year, but maybe the booing from the Rangers fans while he was blowing games was so unnerving that it carried over. Shame he’s in the NL then, we won’t be playing Milwaukee enough to make his psyche a worthwhile thing to have going for us.

A day off tomorrow, and I think I can use it as much as the players. It’s wearing me down watching them, and I’m not out there in the heat trying to catch a ball. So it’s probably unfair of me to complain about Ian Kinsler and the errors he’s making. They mostly seem to be on pretty simple balls to field, too, like he loses concentration. But you’ve got to think that we get out of the inning easier if he makes that first out in the 12th, rather than letting things fester, requiring the pitcher to watch out for men on base, too.

If you’ve never seen a Win Probability graph, go here.  That’s absolutely one of the best I’ve seen, from a Rangers standpoint.  According to a calculation I made on another site, the Rangers were at 0.006 chance of winning with two out and none on in the 9th.  That’s 6 in a thousand.  What’s most notable is Coco’s -0.953 WPA score.  Basically, he lost almost the entire game by himself, although of course we knew that already.  I like the idea of WPA, I think I will expand on it some more in the future, maybe analyze the Rangers a little with it.  Here’s a little teaser for you:  Which Ranger has the highest WPA this season?  I’ll give you a hint, the first five names you come up with are all wrong.


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