Slow down, you move too fast

Everyone says Padilla is a slow pitcher. My totally unscientific calculation shows he’s faster than most of the Ranger starters:

Koronka: 2 starts, average 160 minutes
Loe: 8 starts, average 178 minutes
McCarthy: 10 starts, average 176 minutes
Millwood: 7 starts, average 178 minutes
Padilla: 12 starts, average 172 minutes
Tejeda: 10 starts, average 174 minutes
Wood: 4 starts, average 169 minutes
Wright: 1 start, average 186 minutes
Team: 54 starts, average 174 minutes

So Padilla is a couple of minutes below average, and the best of the guys with more than four starts.

This is, of course, nonsense. Taking the total game time and assigning it to starting pitchers ignores a thousand other factors. How long he pitches compared to his bullpen. How many hits the team gets or gives up. How many arguments the manager has with the umpires. How hot or cold it is. How many black holes are nearby, affecting local time shifts.

The point is, I was watching Padilla tonight taking an interminable amount of time between pitches, and sure enough giving up 7 runs in 3 innings. He threw 72 pitches in 3 innings, that’s 24 per inning when a pretty good average would be 15 per inning. He threw 46 of the 72 for strikes, a 64% strike rate, which is decent. He only walked one, he only struck out one. I guess his problem was hits, since he gave up 9. The commentators kept saying how they were all bloops, infield singles, blah blah blah. Fact is he’s now 2-8 and on a pace for 24 losses. I’m guessing the Rangers won’t let him lose 20. Will they?

I get the feeling that TAG is going to kill Josh Lewin if they have to keep up their inane chatter for the next four months. I mean, come on, Josh, we get it, you are the king of pop culture, we all know that. But even I’m getting to the point where I want to turn the tv down.

Do you think we might see the return of John Rheinecker? He’s pitched 11 scoreless innings in AAA since coming back from injury. May as well give him a shot, he can’t do worse than anyone else. If they move Padilla to the pen, he could join the rotation.

Tex is aware of the trade talk, and says all the right things. My guess would be he’s lighting candles and praying to get out of here. Jamey Newberg today suggested that the Dodgers and Braves are the two most likely trade partners. I already said, as long as we get pitching back. Although when I think of it, I’d rather he went to the NL, I wouldn’t want to see him coming in here regularly in another uniform.

In case you missed it, A-Rod is a chicken-s**t punk. But if you’re a Rangers fan, or Mariners fan, or half of the Yankees fans, you already knew that. BTW, remember in April, he hit .355/.415/.882 with 14 home runs and 34 RBIs, and all was forgiven in NY? His May: .235/.359/.429, 5 HR, 10 RBI. How soon they forget. Now he’s heading into June, traditionally his worst month, along with October. I still think Mr April will be out of NY before his contract is up.

Not much else to say, really. Another disappointing loss. But the season is now a third over, which means there’s only about 8 months until pitchers and catchers report.


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