You gotta cry without weeping

To be fair, Dan Haren is leading the league in ERA at 1 and a half, so scoring just one run in eight innings against him is par for the course, especially when you have a weak offense like the Rangers do. To also be fair, the Rangers brought up a AAA (or perhaps AAAA) pitcher in Koronka to make the start, a guy with a career 5 and a half ERA. Did anyone seriously think that was going to be a competitive game? Given the score of 6-1, it pretty much worked out exactly as the starters’ ERA’s expected.

A loss to Seattle tomorrow and the Rangers tie a team record with 20 losses in a month.

Here’s a quote from Tex today: “I hate the word frustrating,” first baseman Mark Teixeira said. “We’re not a good team. We’re not playing well. If you don’t play well, you don’t expect to win.” We’re not a good team. That’s the first time that someone on the team has said that, that I know of. Is reality finally setting in? And should we read anything into the fact that Tex is saying this, given that he’s the biggest trade chip we have?

Talk on the radio this afternoon was what we could get back for veterans. Someone was saying that if we trade Tex, who plays first, and Mike Golnick replied that they’d have to get a first baseman back. WRONG! You have to get a starting pitcher back, either a good #2 or multiple major league ready prospects. Problem is, teams that want him for the pennant races aren’t going to give up starting pitching that they need.

The Rangers are going to lose 100 games at least this year. Who cares who is playing first, for goodness sake bring up Jason Botts and give him a try. He’s got nothing else to prove in AAA, you’ve got to spend a few months trying him out, getting him some experience, and while you’d prefer it if it was in the OF, may as well play him at first as anyone else.

Think Michael Young regrets his big contract now that he’s signed on to be the guy playing with 24 kids? Well, not all of them are kids of course, if they were at least we’d have a little hope. What saddens me most is the thought that A-Rod is sitting in his penthouse saying “I told you so” to anyone who will listen.

Anyone know any Ranger nicknames? I was listening to the pre-game on the radio and they interviewed Gerald Laird, who called Vicente Padilla “Vinny”, which is pretty obvious, but he also called Joaquin Benoit “Jack”. Just wondering what else they call themselves. Tex is pretty obvious. What about the others? We’ve called Michael Young “Mikey” for years, but I bet they don’t call him that in the clubhouse.

Tomorrow is the one third mark of the season, 54 games played. The Rangers will be on a pace for 57-105 or 60-102. They lost 100 games their first four years in Washington, to be expected for an expansion team, and their first two years in Texas, to be expected for a bad team. They lost 99 in 1985, so will they break that mark or can they match the 1973 team that lost 105, worst record ever? Just keep channelling the Tigers, who lost 119 in 2003, 90 in 04, 91 in 05, then went to the World Series in 06 and are playing well in 07. Of course, they seemed to have a plan to suck for years to get high draft picks so they could compete. The Rangers keep pretending to be in it, then ending about .500, not enough to make the playoffs, not enough to get good draft picks.

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