We’re number one!

The good news is that the Rangers are now firmly in the race for the number one draft pick last year, sitting just half a game behind Cincinnati for MLB’s worst record. The bad news is that the recent run of first overall draft picks has been pretty miserable, where for every superstar Alex Rodriguez and Joe Mauer you get two or three run of the mill major leaguers and five total washouts. Of course the one time the Rangers had it they took David Clyde, a ridiculous pick at the time which was only mismanaged by taking him straight to the big leagues to ruin his career. Look for them to make a similar mistake next year (let alone next week, when this year’s draft will be held), because the management has proven itself again and again incapable of making good decisions. It all ends up with Tom Hicks, of course, who fell into a winning team when he bought it, but since getting his hands all over it has made it fall into disrepair. On today’s postgame radio show, I heard a few comments about him selling the team. I only wish there was any fire behind the smoke, but having said that any new owner would only come in with their own five year plan anyway, and we’d be starting again at the bottom.

Laughable comments from players and manager in the game recap on the Rangers website today. Among them was Michael Young invoking the 2005 Astros as a team to emulate, and Ron Washington saying he’d been 14 games back and won before. Guess what, Michael? Your comments are like saying “Jesus performed some miracles, maybe we will too”. No, I’m not comparing the Astros to Jesus. I’m saying that what the Astros did was pretty darn incredible, and to suggest that you could follow that as your plan is ludicrous. At least the Astros could field, throw and pitch in 2005. And as for Ron, when you get three horses like the A’s had in Zito, Mulder and Hudson, then yes, you can suggest that. Your top three horses right now are Tejeda, McCarthy and Padilla, and McCarthy’s hobbled his finger. They shoot horses like that, don’t they?

Partway into the game today, in the second inning, I was thinking it might be interesting to blog a whole game. Not individual comments, like Twitter might do, but writing my thoughts as the game goes on, then posting it all at the end. It was too late to do today, since I would want to do a whole game, although today would have been perfect to do. A good beginning by Loe (although he was clearly afraid of Manny Ramirez), until he gave up a three run homer (and as soon as I saw that, I thought I would see a post-game comment along the lines of “he kept the ball down all day except for that one pitch”), a comeback by the Rangers to take the lead (with Teixeira increasing his trade value, and yes, I am starting to resign myself to the idea that he will be gone by July 31), then the pitchers giving it all back again. Kind of a microcosm of the whole season, although with a twist that the two most reliable pitchers, Aki and Gagne, were the ones to cough it up at the end.

By the way, Rangers relievers have a 3.77 ERA so far this year. That’s pretty good, shame the starters are at 6.26. Maybe the relievers should start the games. Or maybe they should begin the split thing they were doing in the minors a couple of years ago, where you have 8 starters, each only going 4 innings or so but two of them going together in a game (i.e. starter #1 starts and pitches 4 innings, starter #2 then pitches innings 5-8). Might be worth a try, they could go a little harder if they knew they were limited like that, and at least it would get some people some more major league experience. Or better yet, maybe drop from a 5 man to a 4 man rotation. They clearly don’t have enough for five, and could use the extra guy in the bullpen. Everybody used to run 4 man rotations not too long ago, in the 70s. They have nothing to lose by experimenting. It’s not like they have a division title to throw away.

PS If you’ve noticed some inconsistent punctuation in places, which you probably haven’t, I can honestly say it’s not my fault. I always type two spaces after a period, but for some reason whenever I switch to the code window to insert a link, when I go back WordPress drops one of them. So you will see occasions where I have one space after periods all the way up to my last link, then two spaces after that. Odd, and it only happens in Firefox. I would use IE, but that has it’s own problems, like dumping my posts every time I try to publish them. I reported these problems to them, but their response was kind of waffly and didn’t resolve anything.


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