Fate looked at my shirt, then laughed in my face

What would you do if you couldn’t hit, couldn’t pitch, couldn’t field, couldn’t throw, and couldn’t run? That’s right, you’d be a player for the Texas Rangers. Every time you think they’re about to do something good, they go ahead and throw it away. I suppose this is what Red Sox fans talk about when they say their team always breaks their hearts. Of course, I have great faith at the start of every season that the Rangers will win it all, but they always end up disappointing, and I am pretty sure that my faith is really just empty promises of undying support as they march to the World Series. I think I know all along that they’re not going to do anything, again. But even so, it’s not good when you see a couple of statistical analyses that shows the Rangers have about a 2% chance of making the playoffs (credit to The Book blog for these links).

I mean, back in the winter Jamey Newberg was telling us how the Rangers could compete with a rotation of Millwood, Padilla, McCarthy, Tejeda and Loe. Let me ask you, does that sound like a World Series rotation? Millwood was pretty good at one point, but never more than a #2. Padilla was a decent #4, possibly#3, last year, but that was his peak. McCarthy and Tejeda have promise, in another couple of years they might be good, but will they be #1’s? Not in Texas, I’m pretty sure.

The knock on the Rangers is always good hit, no pitch. This year it’s no hit, no pitch. And no field. Sosa drops two and Kinsler drops one, and boy oh boy, how did they not get errors on those? McCarthy looked mad right away after the first pitch, and he was right to. Could have been one pitch, one out, but Kinsler dropped it and McCarthy had to throw another 6 or 7 to get done. Of course, then he ended up with 50 pitches in two innings, so maybe it wasn’t all Kinsler’s fault. But I tell you, sometimes when I see Ron Washington I wonder if one of these nights he’s going to walk into JD’s office and quit, saying he gave it a go but it isn’t working. On the other hand, if you were a major league manager, you wouldn’t quit, and I wouldn’t either. It’s just the frustration talking now. You see them go so bad to start, then come all the way back, and then they immediately give those runs back again, with a few more for luck.

On the other hand, maybe the last few years have been just papering over the cracks. A bad team, but the hitting has held on as long as it could. Are the Rangers doomed to never have good pitching? Will it take another ballpark, in 20 years or so, with better dimensions, and maybe a roof, so the pitching will work a little better? If you can’t identify a good pitcher though, what’s the point at all? No, this isn’t how the Red Sox feel, this is how the Royals feel, year after year. Oh my god, I’ve turned into a Royals fan, complete with the blue shirts instead of the red ones the Rangers wore when they were winning.

I wore my McCarthy shirt today, because I had faith that his good run would continue against the Red Sox. Oops. I’ve reported before that when I wear his shirt he does bad, but I guess a few good starts aren’t enough to make Fate forget. Apparently he had a blister on his finger that caused the control problems. Not yet sure if it was there before, during, or after the game, but I hope it doesn’t recur. I hope I don’t wear the shirt again either, I’d go back to wearing U2 shirts on Fridays but I really want the new album to come out this year and I’m not going to screw that up for them.

Bottom of the 7th inning and I’m giving up. Bad start, good middle, bad end. Down 10-5 and I don’t think they’ll come back. Yes, I’m going to head to bed and watch the first episode of Band of Brothers, which I’ve been wanting to see for years but just got for my birthday earlier this week. I’m sure there’s no correlation between the title of the show and the Rangers season.


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