Swing and a miss

Told you Santana is the best pitcher in baseball. Well, I didn’t have to tell you, because you knew that already, right? But to be fair, it wasn’t just him, as he struck out 13 in 7 innings and his relievers struck out 5 in 2 innings. It was pretty much all Rangers, all the time, swinging and missing. One of those days where you don’t feel like you can do anything. Actually, in the first I was hopeful, because Kam Loe looked really good starting the game. And when Sosa got one closer to leaving, I was even more hopeful. But then they came on with their home runs, and it was goodnight, turn out the lights. Loe is reaching a point for me where he’s not getting over the hump. He’s throwing a lot of pitches, getting into the 80s, 90s and 100s in his last several starts, but he’s not doing it with innings pitched. I mean, a couple of 6 inning and one 7 inning effort, but it seems like he’s throwing a lot of pitches for little result. His first inning today was outstanding, 8 pitches I think it took, but as time goes by you just expect him to wear down. His history the last few years was as a reliever (in 2006 he was a starter but only lasted 15 games and had a poor ERA), so maybe he just doesn’t have the gas to keep it going long enough. Or maybe he can learn from Brandon McCarthy, who was down but started getting better and better. Of course, Loe has a much longer career, but seemingly less to show for it. He’s only 25, so his peak should be ahead, but there are few signs that he’s improving.

Afternoon game tomorrow with Tejeda starting, should be interesting.

I’m a little closer to getting something written statistically about McCarthy. I’m analyzing his Gameday stuff, and it’s interesting too. First thought, which I’ll present soon, is how scattered his release point is. Some of the charts I’ve seen online have shown some of the stars with very tight release points. Might be something to be aware of, watching how a player changes this aspect of his pitching over time, possibly tightening up as they get better.

TR Sullivan is an ass because he insults his readers. I don’t know how he got the reputation he has, but to me he’s always been the poorest of the local writers. Why is he now writing for MLB.com, instead of a local paper? Maybe because they think he is an ass too.

Not much else to say today. Michael Young says he’s not pressing. Do I believe him? I don’t know, but I know he’s hit a lot of hard shots that have gone right to a fielder. If he gets a little luckier, they might start falling in.


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