A crooked number beats a straight one

Earlier today I read an article which reported that Tony La Russa wants to see his team score in several innings rather than a bunch of runs in a single inning. It was a little confusing, and had a little analysis which seemed to show that La Russa is wrong. Whether you agree with the writer, or with La Russa, I think everyone would say that the ideal situation would be to maximize the number of runs you score, whether all in one inning or over several innings. As it turned out, the Rangers scored a single run in each of the first four innings today, but still only led 4-2. I was thinking of the article, that this would immediately provide a rebuttal, because the Rangers could score in multiple innings but still end up losing. Fortunately we got to the 5th inning though, the Rangers scored 8 runs including a Laird grand slam, and my worries were over. For the second day in a row the Rangers finished with 14, and all of a sudden they’ve won three out of four. A comment that a co-worker made earlier today comes back to me though, he said that if the Rangers could spread those runs out a little they might win a few more. I hope that thought won’t come back to haunt them.

Back to the runs in multiple innings. I recall comments from several years ago, from someone on tv, that said they like to see picket fences – a bunch of innings with a run scored – but that crooked numbers (numbers that are not straight, like 1s are) are much better. And that is true, for example today the Twins could have scored a run in seven different innings and still not matched the 8 the Rangers put up in one inning. The ultimate point would be that you need to take your chances when they come, and score as many runs as you can when you can.

Good to see Frankie Cat come back with a HR. Odd to see Travis Metcalf back down again, just a couple of days after being pulled out of AA to replace Blalock. I guess Vazquez was impressive for a couple of days, and the Rangers management has never heard of small sample sizes. A couple of months down the road and he’ll be back to his career numbers.

TR Sullivan is an ass.

It’s supposed to rain all week here, so we’ll see if there are any more delays like the short delay to start today.  Maybe if it gives the pitchers a little extra time to warm up, they won’t give up runs early like they have been.  Of course, Padilla did give up runs in the first and third, but at least he hung on, until he was pulled after being hit, and the bullpen completed the blowout pretty easily.  Tomorrow is Kameron Loe against Johan Santana, which on paper is a walkover for the Twins.  Some early runs in either direction could decide the game.


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