Banging out the hits

It’s a good day when your team hits six home runs on the way to a 14-1 win.  Too bad that winning the Silver Boot from the Astros is probably the most the Rangers will achieve this season.  Yesterday I speculated that Brandon McCarthy and Woody Williams might end up in a pitchers duel, even though their records suggested otherwise.  My theory was that McCarthy was pitching well and might shut down the Astros, and Williams was pitching okay but was pitching against an anemic Rangers offense so might do the same.  Fortunately, McCarthy did the job and Williams didn’t, and the Rangers ended up cruising it.  Once again McCarthy went six innings, this time giving up just the one run, and the bullpen shut them out the rest of the way.  McCarthy hasn’t really dominated anyone yet, and has never gone over six innings pitched, although his last three outings have all reached 100 pitches which is an encouraging sign.  I think he took a little time to get his feet wet in Texas, but now he’s starting to go well, with his record now even at 4-4 and his ERA down to 5.82, which is good since it was at 9.90 on April 29.  In fact, in May he is 3-0 with a 2.31 ERA.

Interestingly, Nick Masset got his first win as a starter today for the White Sox.  Masset and John Danks were the guys the Rangers traded to get McCarthy.  Danks has pitched better than McCarthy (4.10 ERA), although he is only 2-4 since he’s apparently had some very poor run support.

Take out the 5-1 record the Yankees have against the Rangers, and they’re the worst team in baseball.

Next up is three against the Twins, who’ve been scuffling themselves (20-23).  They’ll be trying to kickstart things against the Rangers, like everyone else has.  I wish I could have faith that the Rangers could be the ones doing the kickstarting, but I still don’t see it yet.


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