This is a Mickey Mouse team

A week ago I said the Rangers were an expansion team.  Now I can call them a Mickey Mouse team, having been swept at Disneyworld.

Let me be the first to say it, it’s time to fire Ron Washington.  His laid-back attitude has done nothing for the team.  They’re dragging in every aspect of the game, and every day he comes out with one lame excuse after another.  Today it was that they’re just one hit away from winning.  Well gee, that’s true, but unfortunately they’re also one hit away from losing and that’s what is happening.  They’re pretty much out of it already, here in the middle of May, so at least they’ll avoid the traditional June swoon the Rangers usually have.  I have no ideas, and Wash has no ideas.  The biggest thing that will happen to the Rangers the rest of the way is Sosa’s 600, and personally I think if your season is counting on that, you may as well be the Royals.  Oh yeah, the Royals, who are now only half a game behind the Rangers for worst record in baseball.

So get rid of Ron, and who takes charge?  Doesn’t really matter, because they’re just playing out the string now.  So you may as well keep him, and not spend extra money paying him and someone else to manage.  Okay, now I just became the first to say it, don’t fire Ron Washington.  Next I’ll be announcing my candidacy for President, since I can flip-flop as well as the politicians do.

Another day of injuries to report, as Blalock returns to Texas to look into something in his shoulder.  According to Washington he had it for a while but didn’t report it.  Understandable, because I’m sure he is afraid of losing his job and not getting it back.  Jerry Hairston came back to Texas for medical issues too, but that’s probably a wash, since it means he won’t be able to get in a game and do more damage.

The good news I guess is that since I won’t have to spend my whole summer crossing my fingers for the Rangers, I can get a little work done on the statistical studies I’ve been planning for a while.  First up will be my look at McCarthy, hopefully I will have a chance to get to that over the weekend and present it sometime next week.  Assuming, of course, they don’t turn around and start some miracle streak and win about 20 games this weekend.


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