Consistently inconsistent

When you start a blog, you have grandiose plans of writing for years, making big money, being famous, getting an invite from the owner of the Rangers to sit in his seats someday, and all the other perks that you dream should come your way. Then reality sets in, and you find yourself not posting every day, because some days real life sets in, and other days you’re just too tired to stay up and get it done, and other days you fall asleep on the couch, and other days you’re just in too bad a mood to write.

Yesterday was a combination of all those. Long days in the hot sun going places with visiting family, only half paying attention to a poor Rangers team playing and losing to a poor D-Rays team, and falling asleep late watching Conan.

Today is the same, except I dozed during the Rangers game so I’m awake enough to write tonight. Wish I wasn’t, but I am. The fact that the Rangers have lost two in a row to a historically poor Tampa team is embarrassing. The fact they did it at Disneyworld is embarrassing, because what team in its right mind plays at Disneyworld? A bad team that can’t draw in its own ballpark, that’s who. The game reports were trumpeting that the attendance was up over last year’s series between the two teams in Tampa, well, that’s not a cause for celebration, it’s a cause for pointing fingers and saying why on earth are they in Tampa in the first place? Everyone talks about the Marlins moving, but if they actually marketed themselves properly they would draw. You have no faith the D-Rays could ever do that.

But back to the Rangers. Sosa hits 597 and I don’t care. It’s just one more step to 600, which the media will cover as a steroid story, and it’s one step closer to trading him (which I do want). Tex hit his 6th, and he has been hot, which is good. In my last blog I said that there’s no way the Rangers would trade him, and sure enough Jamey pops up and talks about how he thinks Tex will be with someone else this time next year. Thanks, Jamey. There’s no link to his story online yet, it was in an email to the group, so I can’t link to it. I don’t really want to though, because I don’t want to face the thought of Tex leaving, no matter how reasonable Jamey’s reasoning is.

I always try to remember that we’re fans of the uniform, not the player inside it, but that’s so not true. We feel like we know the players, even if we don’t.

Right now I don’t feel like I know these players at all. None of them are playing with heart, with soul, with anything. The team is down, Wash did another meeting to tell them to be positive, and nothing happens. Oh sure, they get some hitting, but they get worse pitching. Padilla was bad tonight, and his relief was bad too, but AJ Murray was in his first major league game and they put him in a pretty critical spot. They’re already starting to blame injuries, too.

I was thinking the last day or so about writing something about Tom Hicks. How the team has been bad since he came aboard. He came in mid 1998, and they won the division in 98 and 99, although arguably he had nothing to do with that. Since then, he’s spent a lot of money, and he’s spent a little money, and he’s had four GMs and four managers and probably four presidents of the baseball club and four hot dogs, for all I know. He spent his winter buying Liverpool FC in the English Premiership, so there’s something else to distract him. He’s had one winning season in the 2000s. Every year they talk about winning, every year they end up very average. I read I think in Baseball Prospectus about the way teams go, that they should fall towards the 60 win or 100 win level, and when they get into the 80s they need to go one way or the other, start winning a lot or tear down and try again. This team has been stuck at .500 for years, and doesn’t have what it takes to contend and is afraid to tear down. Mr Hicks, tear down that wall. If you trade Tex I will hate it, but if you trade just him and try to plug the gaps elsewhere I will hate it more, because you will be dooming the Rangers for another decade.

I hate to say it because it is May, but the team is bad, isn’t going to get better, and I’m sick of it. Remember what I said the other day: I am the Rangers guy to everyone I know. If you lose me, you’ve already lost a whole bunch of other people. You’ll never lose me as a fan, but you will lose my attendance, my $12 parking, my $4 hot dogs, and for a lot of the time you’ll lose my eyeballs on Channel 27 or Fox Sports Southwest. I am a masochist when it comes to sports teams (I’m an Arsenal fan, for goodness sakes!), but I’m heading toward the worst thing you can hear: ambivalence.

Wow, talk about inconsistent. This post has been all over the place. I feel like I’m Sosa, swinging at pitches way out of the strike zone but leaving the ones right down the center of the plate. It’s late, I’m tired, and I don’t even have the energy to be mad at the Rangers today.


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