I don’t know many things

I don’t know why the Rangers are a combined 2-11 against the Yankees and Angels, and 13-12 against everybody else.

I don’t know why the Rangers have been outscored 68-20 in the first two innings, but they’re ahead 158-144 from the third inning on. Is anyone pointing any fingers at Mark Connor yet, or at least asking him questions about he gets the pitchers prepared to start? I know it’s frustrating to be chasing every game right from the get-go, like today when the Angels have a grand slam before the Rangers even get to bat.

I don’t know why Kevin Millwood came back from the DL and lasted 1 2/3 innings today, before reinjuring himself. Was he not ready, was he pushed, did he push himself? Did he really aggravate it on one pitch to the first batter? Is he going to turn into Chan Ho Park, constantly injured and useless to the team? I also don’t know if he will go back on the DL, and I don’t think he knows yet either, or at least they’re not telling.

I don’t know how serious the soreness in Robinson Tejeda’s arm is, but he’s going to be skipped a few days, starting Friday instead of tomorrow. Given the Millwood thing, it’s a smart precaution to give him a few extra days. I am disturbed when the Rangers website says “Washington intimated it might be more a matter of a young pitcher not experienced enough to recognize the difference between ordinary soreness and serious pain.” Is he calling out Tejeda? Is he saying “be a man and pitch”, and possibly putting the guy into a situation where he will try and play through pain and instead seriously injure himself, putting the Rangers even further down the tubes? What do the Rangers do if they lose both Millwood and Tejeda? That would leave Padilla as the number one and McCarthy as number two, and if that’s the case they may as well wave the white flags right now.

I don’t know how long it will take for Sosa to become trade bait. Will they wait until the end of July? Or June? There’s got to be a contender who will take him. My guess on this is that he will be a Ranger until he hits number 600, so they can milk that hoopla and the publicity and cash it will bring (none of it from me). After that happens, the countdown will begin.

I don’t know if you saw this blog about the Gameday data, taking a look at Sosa’s at-bats so far this year. Looking at the chart presented for Sosa shows some pitches that were called balls that appear to be right down the middle of the plate. I have been working some of the Gameday data about the Rangers in the same way, and hopefully I will present something in the next week or so showing some similar stuff. My chief interest has been in Brandon McCarthy so far, since he’s been showing some polar opposites in his performances, but I hope to expand to the rest of the Rangers as time goes by.

I don’t know what possessed a Red Sox site to suggest that they could trade for Mark Teixeira. Yes, it was a junk post, but there is absolutely no reason or need for the Rangers to trade him. As usual, when this sort of drivel comes up, fans start posting a bunch of ridiculous suggestions for the trade, almost as if they’re playing some baseball simulation. You know the kind, when you’re trading for a superstar worth 100 points, you can offer 10 useless players each worth 10 points, and the AI adds it all up and says yep, that’s a fair deal. In this case, the best line was “who do we have as surplus”? Well gee guys, who do the Rangers have as surplus that you might be able to use? I might just throw out Josh Beckett’s name as a Ranger target. I would be willing to give up Jerry Hairston and Desi Relaford, and you know what, I’ll sweeten the deal by throwing in former first-rounder Drew Meyer. Each of them will fit a hole that you have (for the Red Sox, every position is a hole to someone). Wait, you’ll need a pitcher back to replace Beckett in the rotation, how about Proven Major Leaguer (TM) Bruce Chen? See how stupid this can be? Yes, Teixeira would be available for the right offer, as anyone on any roster is. For the Rangers it would require someone who can step in the rotation right now (Beckett) and some prospects (Buchholz, Lester). If you’re interested, give Jon Daniels a call.

I don’t know what’s up with the weather here, except to say that it’s May and it’s time for some storms. At least it’s catching us up from the drought of the last couple of years.

I don’t know why they didn’t put a roof on the Ballpark in Arlington. Not even for the rain, because I’m sure the rain delays are not a problem here. But if my brother-in-law, attending his first ever baseball game on Sunday, on his second ever day in Texas, was smart enough to ask this question, then surely when they were making the plans for the ballpark someone thought of it? Or did the taxpayers not want to pony up the extra bucks for a roof? Can they retro-fit? Or just get a really large tarp and put it over the ballpark on the 105 degree days in July and August?

I don’t know what’s going to happen starting tomorrow at Disneyland, when the Rangers play the Devil Rays there. From the Rangers website: “I’m there to work. I eat, sleep and work.” — First baseman Mark Teixeira, eschewing the notion of visiting any of the local theme parks or attractions during the Rangers’ three-game series against Tampa Bay starting Tuesday near Orlando. I am pleased to see that, because earlier today I was planning on writing a line about how if I saw that any of the Rangers had visited any of the rides, I would officially declare the season dead, because they care more about having fun than how they’re losing. Which reminds me, the story about Sosa leading the kangaroo court last week really sticks in my craw. First of all they shouldn’t be jacking around with a kangaroo court when they’re playing as badly as they are (even if the story does call it a morale booster, and if it was then it didn’t work). Second of all who is Sosa to be leading it, he is not a team leader, never has been, and the last time he was in court, testifying to Congress, he told them he could barely speak English! Going back to the above, the sooner he is not a Ranger the better. On Sunday I continued my tradition of clapping and booing when he came to the plate, claps for the Ranger player but boos for who he is.

I don’t know what the Cowboys are thinking. On the news tonight they said they’d just completed a mini-camp which was relaxed and fun, compared to the regimented camps of last year under Parcells. The Rangers were saying the exact same thing in spring training, comparing it under Washington to what it was under Showalter. Guess the Cowboys don’t pay attention to the other teams and what happens to them. Look for the Cowboys to go about 5-11 if they follow the Rangers’ lead.

I don’t know how I’m going to be able to stand this season if they keep playing as badly as they do.


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