I don’t know when Colon is a free agent, and I can’t be bothered looking it up.  He tied a major league record by beating the Rangers for the 12th straight.  At this rate you can be pretty sure he’ll make it 13.  The team looks bad early, recovers a little late, gives you a little hope and then falls apart.  Michael Young was unlucky to line straight to second with the bases loaded, but once again the Rangers couldn’t come through.

Kam Loe forgot to show up for the first couple of innings.  Do the Rangers need to warm up their pitchers better?  Seems like the first couple of innings are always bad, and then they settle down.  Opponent OPS+ for innings 1-3 is 129, innings 4-6 is 106 and 7-9 is 114, which suggests they are doing better after the third inning (for the uninitiated, OPS+ is the OPS compared to the league, in this case it means opponents are hitting 29% better in the first three innings).  Not to blame him entirely, as once again a little defense might have made the difference.  Wilkerson made a poor angle on one ball which got through to the wall, although he did make another good play when hitting the wall.  I’m sorry to say I for a moment hoped he would be knocked out, to get someone else in the lineup in his place.  You shouldn’t wish that on anyone.

We’ll be at the ballpark tomorrow, lightning or no lightning.  As I said yesterday, the Rangers are 3-0 when we’re in the park this year, although tomorrow my sister and her family will see a ballgame for the first time ever, so I’d just like to pre-empt and say if we lose, it’s their fault.  Of course, I’d much rather show them a win.


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