We’re going boom boom boom

If you look at the series numbers, the Rangers beat the Yankees 18 runs to 16, so you’d think they’d have done better than just one win. 14 runs in one game will mask some problems though. At least we ended the season series without a sweep, ending 1-5. In the 5 losses, the Rangers scored a total of 10 runs (maximum of 3 in one game) and conceded 33.

I watched the game on Gameday at work, jumping back and forth every so often to see the score. It was a good game to see online, especially when the Yankee fan came in to diss the Rangers and I was able to show him the score, which was 8-2 at the time. A few minutes later he came back and jokingly said “they tied it up”, and I was able to point out he’d missed the grand slam by Victor Diaz, which shut him up pretty quickly.

McCarthy was pretty good, as far as the box score goes, one run in 5 1/3, but he only had three strikeouts, and it took him 104 pitches to get through those innings. You’d rather see about 80 pitches to get that far, or about 7 innings, at 15 pitches per inning. So even though he’s now won two in a row, even though he’s dropped his ERA from 9.90 to 6.89 in those two starts, even though he’s only given up two runs in the last two starts (both solo HRs), and his ERA in those two starts has been 1.59, he still seems kind of delicate, almost as though he’s just a hit or two away from a meltdown. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the guy and want him to succeed, and I would love to see this as a turning point in his season, but I’d just like to see him go out and dominate a game to show he’s not just being lucky. Of course, winning in Yankee Stadium is better than being lucky.

Side note: On his ESPN summary page, McCarthy’s ground ball-fly ball ratio was 1-14 yesterday and 7-11 in the previous start. But in the box scores, he was 1-11 yesterday and 6-11 in the last start. Which to believe? Why don’t these numbers match up, you’d think they would use the same data source. Either way, 1-14 or 1-11 is not a good ratio for a pitcher who is going to pitch half his games at the Ballpark in Arlington.

Gerald Laird’s escape from the rundown was beautiful. C’mon, A-Rod, did no-one teach you how to throw the ball? Did no-one teach you that you’re supposed to move the runner back towards the base he came from, just in case something like this happens? Basic fielding, A-Rod. I hope you didn’t hurt your poor chin too badly. The Rangers talked about that being a turning point in the game, and they were right, since it was 1-1 in the 5th when it happened. Let’s see if it can also be a turning point in the season, wake everybody up.

By the way another thing I love about Gameday is the video highlights, getting to see a couple of those during the game was very nice. There’s been a lot of criticism of Gameday by people online who want to see it back to where it was last year, but I for one have been very happy with it this year.

Michael Young missed yesterday, but is scheduled to be back today.

Four games against the Angels, and the Rangers are 4.5 back of them right now. By Monday night they could be anywhere from half a game out to 8.5 out. Realistically if they’re any worse off than now, they’ll be in trouble. You’ve got to take advantage of your division opponents, especially at home, especially with an unbalanced schedule. We’ll be there on Sunday, and so far this season the Rangers are 3-0 when we’ve gone to a game. Let’s hope that trend continues.

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