Your expansion Texas Rangers

It seems like the Yankees are always beating us, and they are.   The Rangers are 2-18 in the last 20 games against the Yankees, and that is a pitiful effort.  I remember the Braves sweeping someone in a season series a few years back, so I looked it up and found that it was in 1993, when they beat the expansion Rockies 13-0.  Losing 13 in a row isn’t really much worse than losing 18 out of 20, is it?  When the Rangers play the Yankees lately, they suck.  And watching them playing in the early stages of today’s game was just like yesterday, seeing them get beaten early (down 4-0 in the first) and giving up, never looking like coming back.  Oh, they pulled back a couple of runs, but it should have been more (second and third with one out, and they only got one of those runs in).  Like I said yesterday, if you go out there thinking you’re beaten, you already are.  What’s that Yogi Berra (another Yankee) line?  90% of the game is half mental.  Well, he’s right about that.

The bullpen did a good job, with CJ Wilson giving up just two hits in 3 1/3 innings, and Benoit just a walk in his one inning, along with a line drive catch that he had no clue about.  Teixeira was safe at second in the 6th, the replay clearly showed his foot touching the bag before the tag got him.  Admittedly it was extremely close, the slow motion was required to see it, but that’s yet another reason why baseball should have instant replay.  It’s not a game that runs on a clock, and you can pretty much see replays as quickly as you can get off the field.  I wouldn’t use them on balls and strikes, until the new technology they are using to measure that gets better, but there’s no reason a close play can’t be replayed in a few seconds and the correct decision made.  What are the umpires afraid of?  I think the overwhelming comment you get on tv is how they are right so much of the time.

Having said all that, Tejeda wasn’t happy with the umpire on a couple of calls, and he was right about that.  When you show a replay of the Yankees batter and the Rangers batter, pitch in exactly the same spot, and the Yankee is a ball but the Ranger is a strike, that’s what makes me mad.  It’s not that I’m biased about the Rangers (although I am), it’s that they are clearly favoring one team over the other.  One of the things on my to-do list is to go back and look at the Rangers-Red Sox series from earlier this year, using the pitch by pitch data from the Enhanced Gameday system MLB has in place this year.  I remember thinking at the time that the umpires were favoring the Red Sox, and so I’m going to look and see exactly where those pitches were, to see if there is any kind of pattern.  Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t.

Michael Young left the game with a sore hamstring and may miss tomorrow’s game, breaking his streak of a few hundred games or so.  It’s a shame, but I’d much rather he be healthy.  Even with his poor start, you know the Rangers need him in the lineup over anyone else, and he had just gotten hot with the bat, too.

Called last night and got tickets to Sunday’s game against the Angels.  Mother’s Day, so we get to see the pink bats.  With all the complaints about the poor start, the Rangers are still only four games out of first as I write, which is astonishing.  Just a few years ago the AL West was the place to be to win.  The Angels come in for four games, if we sweep we’re in a good place, but hey, three wins will still be good.  As the guys on tv said today, it’s still only May and there’s no point looking at the standings now.

When I called to get tickets, the woman at the other end slipped for a second and said “Anaheim Angels”, before quickly correcting herself to “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim”.  I don’t want to judge her, but really, Angels, it’s all just a name in a teacup.  How long has this been going on now, two years, and the ticket people still can’t get it right?  Anyone would think they’re an expansion team themselves.

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