It was a dark and stormy night

Yes, I’m channelling Snoopy, but I feel more like Charlie Brown.  The Yankees just have the Rangers number.  If it was any other team, no-one would even notice, but it has to be the hated Yankees.  Two people at my office call themselves Yankees fans, so I guess I’ll get a bit more ribbing tomorrow.  It’s hard being the Rangers guy in the office, especially when jerks like Newy Scruggs on NBC 5 say stuff like he did tonight, asking why people bother being Rangers fans.

I just have the feeling that there were a bunch of turning points in today’s game, and we missed on every one of them.  Why is Hairston even playing, he’s virtually replacement level as it is.  You have to make that catch, Jerry, you have to.  Lofton would have made it.  Gary Matthews Jr would have been standing underneath it.  That was turning point number one, and that let the game slip away.  From then on it didn’t feel like anything would come back to us.  Of course, if you’re chasing Pettitte you’re in trouble.

Sosa should not have been thrown out at home, he hardly even tried to avoid the tag, but for him to jump up and complain to the ump was incredible, because he was clearly out.

Gerald Laird’s dive around the guy at first was pretty funny, it would have been great if he was safe.  But I said at the time, if he’d managed to tag the base they would probably have called him out for being out of the basepath to avoid the tag.

Marian asked today why I only wrote short bits when we lost to the Yankees last week.  It’s because we lost to the Yankees.  I hate the Yankees, but just as much I hate the way we play against them.  There’s just this attitude that we’re going to lose when we go out there.  Why can’t some of the Rangers get the smarmy look of Jeter, or the tough look of Pettitte, or anything?  And A-Rod, getting hit by the pitch and looking into your own dugout like you were saying I told you so.  Guess what?  Mike Wood wasn’t aiming at you, he just sucks.  Come on, would he be a sixth starter on any other team (maybe the Royals)?  Personally, if I was pitching to you, I’d be aiming fastballs at your head every time, and you’d know it was coming.  And that old line about how “I wouldn’t spit on you if you were on fire”?  Believe me, A-Rod, I will spit on you.

The Yankees become the latest team to ban alcohol in the clubhouse, in response to the Josh Hancock fallout.  My first thought is, why do they even have alcohol in there?  These are pro athletes, they shouldn’t need to drink after a game, but more to the point this is a place of work!  How many offices supply booze to their workers?  Okay, bad comparison, because there are quite a few or so I’ve heard, but really, is that so necessary?  A-Rod can afford to buy his own beer, in fact he can afford it more than all the folks who are forced to pay six bucks in the stands like everyone else.

Final thought:  I bought tickets for Sunday’s game today.  How come each $10 ticket (I bought 7) has a $3.50 service charge on it?  Does it really cost them $25 to service me on the phone for 5 minutes?  Hmmm, I don’t think I worded that quite right, did I?  But then again, I guess they’re screwing us one way or another.

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