The calm before

It was a dull kind of day, a typical Monday you’d probably say. The weather on tv last night said there would be storms every day this week, which I don’t want to see happen because I have a lot to do outside before my sister arrives on Saturday for a visit. Now, I haven’t studied this statistically, but it’s my opinion that weather forecasting has gotten worse lately, in the last year or two. I keep wondering if maybe someone sued the forecasters, and so they’re hedging their bets a lot more. It seems like they’re always predicting severe storms, and we’re lucky if we get an inch of rain, if any at all. Today was one of those days, a little cloudy, a little humid for a time, but overall pretty sunny and fine. Check the weather on tv and they’ll say there were storms out west, but who cares about something a couple of hundred miles away? They’re a Dallas station, tell us the weather for Dallas!

Apropos of all this, the Rangers had a day off before going to New York for three. Saw Chris Stewart on tv this morning, showing off his recipe for something and telling us the Rangers will use pink bats this Sunday. I wonder if he drew the short straw, it seems a little odd to send the backup catcher that no-one has heard of. And I was disappointed when they just showed us the completed food, and told us to go to their website to get the recipe. Every day they have someone cook, why not today? Was Stewart scamming us, telling us he would make it when really it was someone else? I think we should investigate. In the meantime, you can make some Egg and Cheese English Muffins for Mom (or Mum, in my case).

Now, while I was on the site checking out the recipe, I found their poll question for today:

What would it take to get you to a Rangers game?

Here are the choices they offered:

  • Better team
  • Good giveaways
  • Sosa closing in on 600
  • Free tickets

I am offended by these choices, there’s no “I already go” or “Nothing, I’d go if I could” etc etc. Just another typical bash of the Rangers by the local media, as they bide their time for the Cowboys to begin again. At least the Mavs and Stars lost early so people can spend more time bashing the Rangers.

If you’re interested, I voted for Free tickets, just to see the results. Free tickets has 87% of the vote, with 9% wanting a better team and the remaining few percent split between the other two choices. Interestingly, no-one seems to care that Sosa is approaching 600. Having spent a week going to every game to see Raffy hit 500 (and curiously I found and wore the commemorative t-shirt yesterday, so maybe he’ll break his leg as he enjoys his “retirement”), I’m pretty sure that we’re not going to be trying to see 600 for Sosa. I just don’t care about him as much as the Rangers want me to.

PS Dear Rangers, yes I gave you my email address, but you’re abusing it to the point of being a spammer. I know you have a hundred marketing people to support, but I’m already tired of getting an email from you every single day, and we’re only a month into the season!


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