Now everybody’s starting to get hot.  This is what I was hoping for a couple of weeks ago, when I thought the Rangers could go on a surge and blow a few teams away.  If they’d done it then, they’d have opened up a lead on the division.  If they do it now, they might start catching up to the leaders.  And sweeping the Blue Jays is not the same as being swept by the Yankees, but as they say, every win only counts once, no matter who you beat.

A day off tomorrow, then they go to New York for three.  It’ll be more difficult to sustain a streak there, but two out of three will still be good.  The Yankees will be boosted by the return of Clemens (not the actual return, which is a ways away, but the psychological boost), so that’ll add even more interest.

Question:  when A-Rod signed with the Rangers, didn’t one of the clauses say that he would be the highest paid player, and if anyone passed him he would get their salary plus a million dollars?  Since Clemens is getting $28 million (prorated), won’t that give A-Rod a raise?  Won’t we just love seeing that, Mr Superstar getting even more money?  Are the Rangers on the hook for any of that?


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