Getting shirty

Signs of life everywhere.  Blalock did some good (into the second deck), as did Laird, Young and Teixeira.  But the best was McCarthy, who was surely on the verge of going somewhere, either to the bullpen or to Oklahoma to work things out.  Now, one swallow does not a summer make, so he’s got to build on this performance, but I’m sure he’s feeling a lot happier tonight that he was any time over the last month or so.

I wore my Millwood t-shirt to work today.  When I reached in the closet this morning I first picked up McCarthy, but knowing he was going tonight I didn’t want to have anything that could be considered a jinx.  So Millwood got the call this morning, but tomorrow McCarthy has earned his way back into my sartorial good graces.  I don’t have a Padilla shirt, but if I did I’d pick it up and put it down again in the morning.


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