All cylinders go

Everybody was firing today.  The hitters hit, the pitchers pitched, the fielders fielded.  But still there was that lurking sense of trouble, even after the outburst in the third.  Take out the third and Halladay shut us down pretty well, two hits and a walk through the fifth.  No, I can’t diss the Rangers like that, not after Mikey gets three hits and five RBIs.  Is he breaking out at last?  On the pitching side, after McCarthy’s effort yesterday, Padilla followed up very well, and suddenly the Rangers have a two game win streak.

Millwood was put on the DL though, which means that my shirt wearing yesterday really was a curse.  I wore Millwood to allow McCarthy to have a good start, and Millwood gets disabled.  Not a good tradeoff, or is it?  Time will tell.  Either way, I didn’t wear a Rangers shirt at all today.


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