Yankees suck

Oh yeah, the Yankees still suck.  Always have, always will.  Just a shame the Rangers suck more.  Every time you feel like they’re going to do something, something goes and happens and they burst the bubble.  Today it was Michael Young, lining several hard hit balls but straight at people every time.  Early in the game, Kata made great plays to throw out two runners on the bases, and that seemed like it lifted everyone, for a short time.

Didn’t see the first game.  Only got the result, and that was more than enough.  The losing streak is at 5, they’ve lost 10 in a row at home to the Yankees, and they’re all of a sudden 5.5 out.  And there is no sign of life in the team, even the barest hint of a pulse is just a dream.  They’re 10-18, last time they were that bad after 28 games was 1985, they started 9-19 en route to a 62-99 record.  If they lose 62 this year, it’s going to be a long season.

And the Mavs completed the biggest upset ever tonight, going down once again to Golden State.  Right now this is a bad sports town to be in.


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