April showers bring May flowers

I’ll be honest up front and say I didn’t pay much attention to today’s game.  Listened to it early on the way home from work, watched on tv until 7 when How I Met Your Mother began, then just flipped a couple of times to check the score.  Frankly, the Rangers didn’t look like doing much against Halladay, and they didn’t.  I suppose I shouldn’t bemoan it, because he is one of the best pitchers in the league, but my thoughts go back to the radio after Saturday’s win, when they were saying that the Rangers were now 2-2 on this road trip, and will be disappointed if they don’t at least finish 3-3.  They finish 2-4, and sure enough, I’m disappointed.

I don’t know what kind of kick in the pants they need, but I’m hoping that turning the page on the calendar might turn the page on the team.  A blah April which has been pretty wet and stormy around here (a good thing since we’re in a drought) might lead to some good things happening in May.  But right now, last place, 4.5 out, and it’s clear that the Angels are doing what I hoped the Rangers would do a week ago:  stepping up and winning.  As the Rangers go 4-6, the Angels have gone 8-2 to open up a small 2 game lead on the division.

Funnily enough, the Yankees come to town tomorrow with a worse record, 9-14 compared to the Rangers 10-15.  I have no need to point out that I hate the Yankees.  A sweep would just about get Joe Torre fired.  In the other direction it won’t get Ron Washington fired, but it would surely signal we have a long way to go.  I’m not going to any of the games, I can’t stand the number of Yankees fans that show up.  If you’re from there, and you think it’s so great, why did you leave?  And if you’re from here, you’ve got no business being a Yankees fan.  Yankees and Red Sox fans always outnumber Rangers fans when they’re in town (or at least outshout them), but Yankees fans are by far the most obnoxious fans we ever see.  And for those of you who think British soccer hooligans are bad, just realize they’re only like that because their teams are only at most a few hundred miles apart, so large numbers of them can travel.  If New York and Texas were that close, there’d be fighting in the streets here too.  I have seen people fighting here, but they don’t have a few thousand of their drunken buddies to back them up and really get things going.

And there’s the A-Rod thing.  I always liked him when he was a Ranger, I guess I was in denial whenever I thought that he felt kind of phony.  Now he’s a Yankee I’m free to hate his hypocritical butt, his smarminess, everything about him.  Just remember Yankees fans, you love him when he hits 15 HRs in April, but you’re going to hate him when he chokes again in October.


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