A little relieved

Breaking a three game losing streak is good.  Getting Tex onto the HR board is good.  Shaking things up in the lineup to kickstart the team is good.  A reasonable start from Tejeda is good, although he seemed to lack concentration a little, which may be why he gave up a couple of home runs.  But the bullpen shutting them down is excellent work.  Toronto didn’t have a hit after the HR in the 6th, and between them Francisco, Benoit and Aki struck out 7 of the 11 they faced, including Aki’s striking out the side in the 9th.

I think though, like most Rangers fans if you believe the fan polls online, I’d prefer Kinsler moving up to the second spot in the lineup.  Michael Young is too good a hitter to put there, he belongs at 3 even if he’s struggling.  I expect to see him back there, with Tex at cleanup, in the near future.  And Hank should not be hitting 5th in any lineup in the majors, except maybe the Royals.  Yes, no matter how bad the Rangers play, they’re still better than the Royals.

I also want to note that Josh is now saying Teixeira very well.  When we play baseball in the living room, he is Michael Young and I am Mark Teixeira.  I hope the real guys can follow our example, because according to Josh every time the bat even touches the ball it’s a home run.  Are you listening, Tex?


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