Remove foot from mouth…

Okay, yesterday I wasn’t actually predicting the Rangers would win ten in a row.  I was saying they could, if they could get hot at the bat.  Today they were hot for a short time, namely the fourth and fifth innings, where they scored four runs on seven hits.  But only one hit after the fifth left them 5-4 losers, and the streak is over at two.  Incidentally they’ve now had three two-game streaks, but not yet won three in a row.

I had to watch the game via the MLB Gameday system for the first time.  Our cable went out again this morning, like it does every few months.  Like Comcast before them, Time Warner says the problem is a weak signal from their office, but there’s nothing they will do about it.  I’ve been intending to switch to Verizon FIOS for a while, and I think this latest disruption will do it.

Anyway, Gameday was interesting, a little difficult to watch, a little annoying that I couldn’t resize it on my widescreen, and a little slow.  Maybe it’s just the pace of baseball, but waiting for a computer graphic of the game to update seems to take much longer than it does on tv.  A few glitches here and there didn’t help, such as in the bottom of the ninth, when Catalanotto made out, then Michael Young batted for several pitches, then Cat came back and had a few more pitches and made out again, then Teixeira had a few pitches, then Young came back and completed his at-bat, then Tex finished off.  A bit confusing as to exactly where we were for a little while.  The other problem with Gameday is getting to it:  I’m sure there’s an easier way than going to the Rangers website and digging through the links.  I’ve read some good things about the data, too, but that also seems difficult to get to.  More on that at a later date.

Still, a loss is a loss, and the bats are still cool.  Tomorrow it’s an afternoon game, and since I’m behind a firewall at work all I’ll know is the final score and the AP report.  I’ll also be following New Zealand against Sri Lanka in the World Cup Cricket semi-final, maybe NZ can at last take the extra step and make it to the final.  Two wins tomorrow would make the cable problems go away, for a short time at least.


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